King Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd Is Delivering the Textile Procurement Needs of Textile Exporter Globally Since The 1970s. It Has Accomplished It Has Obtained the Belief in And Respect of Fabric Exporter All Over the World as Well the Most Respected Firms Among the Top Exporters of Fabric, Textile Products from Pakistan.

King Fabrics Is Situated in Lahore. Our Plants Consist of The Whole Production Process Weaving and Sewing Whitening and Publishing Features. For Information About the Individual Divisions Please Use Our Contact Numbers.

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King Fabrics Has Specialized & Professional Production And "QC" (Quality Control) Experts That See to It That the Customers Are Pleased with Every Step of The Business Option from The Beginning of The Day Business Deal Is Finalized Until Eventually the Time Shipping Is Made and Then Again with Post Shipment Customer Service.