Located in Lahore, “King Fabrics” has been a constant and reassuring presence during the entire history.of its textile business and has never failed to combine traditional craftsmanship and dedication with the

latest technologies and ideas. King Fabric's origins can be traced back to 1975, and over the past 4
decades, King Fabrics has evolved to become a recognized and important presence on all domestic and
international markets.

King Fabric’s visionary operational expansions has excelled its manufacturing facility into 2 major
production units in Lahore. State of the art technologies and sophisticated Japanese textile machinery
were imported and commissioned with great success. Our weaving machines can process both cotton
and polyester as well as embroidery machine with and without sequin with help expert staff members
achieve and maintain a very high standard of specialization and capability.

King Fabrics continues to produce impressive and innovative textiles solutions for Mainly our products
are used in Textile Garments, Leather Garments and Home Textile industries. We offer a vast range of
products such as:100% polyester, 100% cotton, Poly-cotton, CVC, Twill Fabric, Satin, Various dyed yarn

fabrics made up to Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheets, Pillowcases Bed spread and Garments.

King Fabrics is currently trading with both local and international clients and is continuously expanding
its network of relations and business opportunities.

King Fabrics has been traditionally a leading exponent of the push towards a more ecologically
sustainable production environment, adopting appropriate policies many years before it was trendy or
politically correct to do so.

After many years and many changes, backed by great resources of experience and creative energy, we
are looking forward to new challenges with absolute confidence and the determination to continue
providing its clients and partners with more High Quality, Innovative, Customer-focused, Technologically
Advanced Textile Solutions.